The Sunshine Quotient®

Power Brightness Ascent 


The beauty of the Power Brightness Ascent is that there is no one 'right' way to participate. Think of going on a trip - there are different modes of transportation and different routes to take and they will all take you to where you want to go. Working with the Power Brightness Ascent Modules is the same idea. Yes, they are numbered for convenience's sake, though everyone starts at their own point of beginning depending on interests and perceived desires and needs.

Below is an outline of the general categories of information that I am enthused to share with you, including books, articles, TED Talks, YouTube presentations, etc. that will provide you with several hours of information and ideas for your own further exploration.

I encourage you to choose a category that strikes your fancy and head on over to the Shop to get started. As you will see, a .pdf document will be emailed to you with information and links to various presentations be they written materials or videos. Most modules include a mix of both mediums.

Module 1     Mindfulness, Character Strengths, Hope

Module 2     Mindfulness, Visualization, Imagination

Module 3     Mindfulness, Emotions, Intuition, Creativity

Module 4     Mindfulness, Love, Compassion, Gratitude

Module 5     Mindfulness, Authentic Happiness, Purpose

Module 6     Mindfulness, Meditation, Power vs. Force, Empathy

Module 7     Mindfulness, Resilience, Grit

Module 8     Mindfulness, Presence, Forgiveness

Module 9     Mindfulness, Transcendence, Spirituality